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Trained as a calligrapher in the traditional styles of lettering, Edwina Shannon has created works of art, invitations and citations in many lettering styles. Her clients have included businesses, civic organizations and individuals. Often asked to create monograms, letter invitations and envelopes or design a recognition, Edwina’s most recognized client was the Republican party for ​George W.’s first Inaugural invitation.

Samples of his engraved invitations and a calligraphed envelope always attract interest and she does have a story about the assignment.

Lettering on paper, board, walls, trucks and boats, she does get your message across. Some of her work can be seen at www.calligraphyforall.com Her facebook page does show artwork design and lettering printed on products. She is now playing with letters as art and enjoying the freedom that comes from creating art rather than implementing skill. 

She is available for classes, workshops and speaking events. Here is the ​video

from her sign painting demo given at the Farmer's Market Education series. 

Edwina can be reached at OnPaperandMore@gmail.com

See some pieces here     www.calligraphyforall.com and on www.facebook.com/OnPaperandMore

​​“Lettering should reflect the

event whether it is formal or

creative fun. In addition to

the form of the letters, there

is the emotion of the

letterform. At a glance, the observer should be able to tell the “feeling” of the event. Reading the words will reinforce the emotional message.

“I have successfully created alphabets for an individual’s use. I love making people happy with their own personal expression through letters,” said Edwina Shannon at a recent interview.

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​​​​Edwina Shannon had a solo show of her lettering art and calligraphy at the Fly Arts Center in Shelbyville, TN in Dec. 2015. In November, she participated at the 2015 Artlightenment Film and Art Festival.